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Vibration Monitoring

Vibration monitoring is an essential part of day to day safety management, not only in the construction industry but in general manufacturing, ensuring that employees using heavy duty tools are protected from the risk of Hand Arm Vibration (HAV) and/or Whole Body Vibration (WBV).

LCE have nearly 20 years’ experience of measuring vibration for a wide range of industries in Ireland.

LCE provide services relating to environmental & occupational noise, vibration monitoring and assessments to industry, developers & local authorities nationwide.

Vibration Monitoring in the construction industry:
  • Structural vibration monitoring
  • Ground-bourne vibration
  • Airover pressure from large scale demolition projects risk analysis
  • Piling monitoring programs
Occupational Vibration surveys

Employers are required to monitor, and where necessary, initiate policies to ensure that their employees are not exposed to vibration levels which may cause pain, discomfort or adversely affect their lives outside of work, or hinder their ability to perform their duties properly.

There are 2 main groups who may be at risk;

  • Any employee that is exposed to Hand Arm Vibration which includes the use of hand held tools like for example grinders, impact drills, cutting tools, etc.
  • Any employee who is exposed to Whole Body Vibration through the operation of heavy plant and machinery such as diggers, dumpers, excavators, fork lift trucks, grass cutting machines, etc.

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