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Safety Statements


All employers, including the self-employed must have a safety statement relating to their workplace and work activities as a legal requirement.

Too often HSA Inspectors come across generic safety statements that are prepared by someone with no real understanding of the activities undertaken by the employer.

The safety statement must be based on an assessment of the risks in a workplace and in LCE we believe the best people to do that are those who have experience and knowledge of the work place i.e. the employer or employees.

At LCE we live by our mission statement of “Redefining the perceptions of consultancy services” – and this is particularly true when it comes to preparing your safety statement – the HSA have a great on line tool to help employers prepare their own Safety Statement – at LCE we believe this should always be your first port of call – it is free to use. In the majority of cases you won’t need us!

However, if you don’t have the resources to use BeSmart or your workplace has particular risks, LCE can help.

For practical help compiling your company Safety Statement contact LCE.

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