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Occupational Hygiene Monitoring

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Occupational hygiene measures worker exposure to noise, dust, chemical & thermal analysis.

LCE aim to design and implement appropriate control measures for our clients, to prevent ill health caused by the working environment.

Occupational Hygiene Monitoring helps employers and employees understand the risks, and promotes improved working conditions and working practices.

LCE carry out Occupational Hygiene monitoring in a wide range of high risk workplaces such as highly potent industries including but not limited to:
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Health Services
Occupational Hygienists manage and assess the control of:
  • Chemical Hazards – Dust, silica, carcinogens like arsenic, toxins like lead, fibrous dusts and may other different hazardous chemical agents.
  • Physical Hazards – Heat/cold, noise, hand and whole-body vibration
  • Biological Hazards – Bacteria, fungi and viruses which can have numerous biological effects on workers such as irritation and infection that can result in specific occupational diseases.

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