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Noise Monitoring

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Exposure to noise levels at 80 decibels (dB) or higher for eight hours or more a day is a major RISK to your hearing.

LCE can help by carrying out Occupational Noise Monitoring for YOUR company. Noise Monitoring assessments are carried out as follows: 
  • Review of the premises initially to scan for areas with high levels of noise – identify specific areas 
  • Take measurements of noise levels in said areas.  
  • Calculate the noise levels and assess the need for PPE to reduce occupational noise  
  • Occupational Noise Survey Report outlining the findings of the noise survey and recommendations to eliminate or reduce the impact of occupational noise in the workplace.
Other Noise Monitoring surveys carried out by LCE include: 
  • Individual machine assessment 
  • Site noise surveys 
  • Verification of compliance with URS and/or CE requirements 
  • Noise monitoring in ATEX areas 
  • Noise Awareness Training on request

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