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Needles & Sharps Awareness Training

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This course is designed to raise awareness of the risks of needle stick and sharps injuries and outline how individuals who work in situations where they may be exposed to risk, can adopt safe working practices to minimise the risk of injury.

It is a half day program (2.5 hours) and utilises a blended learning approach which maximises information retention. It consists of lecture notes, case studies, informal assessment and video presentations.


2½ Hours

Who needs this training?:

This course is intended for employees who may be at risk of sustaining a needle stick injury during their work practices.

Why is this training important?:

This course will principally enable the participant to work safely. Additionally, by gaining an increased understanding of health and safety rules and procedures, the participant will contribute to improving health and safety in your organisation.

Course Outline:

  1. Definition of sharps, needle stick injuries and clinical waste
  2. Understanding the risks from sharps and clinical waste
  3. The associated health risks and how to avoid contamination.
  4. General Measures to prevent sharps and needle stick injuries
  5. Emergency procedures for sharps and needle stick injuries.

Each participant will receive an LCE Certificate of completion awarded on successful completion of course.

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