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Home-Based VDU/DSE Assessments

Employees who experience discomfort at their workstations will be less productive! VDU/DSE assessments can help to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal ill health as a result of poor posture and/or improper VDU set up.

A workstation assessment can help to reduce the risks of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), Upper Limb Disorder (UPLD) and eye strain.

VDU/DSE assessments will not only ensure that workstations are set up encourage good posture, but, as they are a legal requirement, they will ensure employers comply with their duties under health & safety legislation

What does the assessment cover?
  • The aim of the assessment is to ensure employees have been provided with workstations which comply with the legal requirements, and more importantly, that employees know how to set up their workstation to provide maximum ergonomic comfort.
  • The assessment takes place with the person in their home and involves interview, observation and measurement of critical parameter.
  • A written report is then prepared that identifies any improvements and advises what changes may need to be made.
Who should have their home office workstation assessed?

Employees who regularly work from home and use a computer must have their workstation assessed in accordance with Schedule 4, Regulation 72 SHWW (General Application) Regulations 2007

Why use LCE?

LCE are the recognised experts in ergonomics in Ireland. Ita Leyden of LCE, presents workshops on ergonomic assessments for the HSA and ensures all assessors are trained to her exacting standards

If you have been requested by a medical practitioner for a staff member to have an ergonomic workstation assessment, you need a competent and qualified ergonomics specialist to undertake the assessment and supply you with an detailed report – LCE can do this, as we are Ergonomics Specialists.

For client and assessors safety, all LCE home assessments are recorded and records maintained on file for 3 weeks after home assessment (recordings carried out in compliance with GDPR requirements)

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