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Floor Slip Testing


European Agency for Safety and Health at Work


Slips, trips and falls accounted for 19% of all notified 4+ day incidents in 2014


25% of injured people were unable to work for over a month (2011 – 2013)


22% of workplaces surveyed by HSA Inspectors had not carried out a slip, trip and fall risk assessment

“Slips, trips and falls are the largest cause of accidents in all sectors … the main causes of accidents that result in more than 3 days’ absence from work.”

Three Layer Model and Floor Safety:

Human Layer Controls: Can you control what shoes people wear, how fast they walk, bare foot access, wheelchair access etc?… e.g. kitchen staff may benefit from good slip resistant footwear.

Contamination Layer Controls: Can you control ingress of water or contamination, frequency of cleaning, method of cleaning, access to floor when wet? e.g. after cleaning, if the floor is high risk when wet, always ensure floor is fully dry before staff walk on it.

Floor Layer Controls: Is the floor suitable for the required use? Is the slip resistance of the floor durable, can the floor be kept clean? Will the surface finish (including coatings, paints etc) change?

You can measure available slip resistance of the floor in normal use, when clean and dry, and when wet or otherwise contaminated. This enables you to make informed decisions and manage the overall slip risk.

A low risk floor presents a 1:1 million chance of slipping, a high risk floor
presents a 1:20 chance of slipping!

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