CE Marking

CE Certification allows their products to be sold throughout the European Economic Area (EEA). This is visibly indicated by manufacturers and importers by applying a ‘CE’ symbol to their product.

Many of the products you buy within the extended single market in the EEA will bear this mark. This includes a broad range of products including medical devices, construction products, electronics, toys and more.

CE marking also supports fair competition by holding all companies accountable to the same rules.

CE Marking Services provided by LCE Workplace Safety:

  • Advice on applicable machinery directives
  • Machinery risk assessment
  • Preparation of technical files
  • Issuing of CE Certificate of Conformity

Who needs CE Marking?

If you are manufacturing your product in the EEA, or intend to import a product into the EEA, there is a high probability that your product needs CE Marking. A full list of the types of products can be found here.

Why choose LCE Workplace Safety?

LCE are experts in health and safety legislation and can provide a complete suite of CE Marking solutions. We can advise on the best practices to achieve certification and issue the certificate of conformity for your product.

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