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Car & Vehicle Assessments

About 80% of us will experience back pain at some stage in our lives. A number of work and leisure activities can contribute to back pain, but if you spend long hours driving, you may suffer from prolonged discomfort or pain in your back.

Car and vehicle assessments can help reduce the risk of prolonged discomfort or back pain. LCE are experts in the specialist field of ergonomics.

What does the assessment cover?
  • The aim of the assessment is to identify key risk factors, based on the principles of ergonomics.
  • The assessment takes place with the driver in the vehicle and involves interview, observation and measurement of critical parameters.
  • The vehicles, drivers and tasks undertaken are assessed, a written report is then prepared that identifies any problems and advises what changes may need to be made.
Who should have a vehicle ergonomic assessment?
  • Those who drive for work
  • Anyone experiencing pain and discomfort whilst driving
  • Those who have had a medical practitioner recommend a driver assessment
Why use LCE?

If you have been requested by a medical practitioner for a staff member to have an ergonomic vehicle and driver assessment, you need a competent and qualified ergonomics specialist to undertake the assessment and supply you with an detailed report – LCE can do this, as we are Ergonomics Specialists

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