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Ergonomics is centred around the design and planning of work tasks in order to improve human capabilities, comfort and performance.

In practice, ergonomics comprises of the study of activities in the work environment in order to comprehend the manner in which employees carry out work tasks.

Human performance is affected by:

  • Physical ergonomics: the physical requirements of an activity
  • Cognitive ergonomics: the way information in relation to the task is presented to the person
  • Organisational ergonomics: how work is organised, for example shift patterns

Workplace Ergonomic Assessments aim to:

  • Reduce the likelihood of accidents
  • Decrease worker compensation & healthcare costs
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Promote safer & healthier employees and workplace
  • Increase staff morale

Ergonomic Services provided by LCE Workplace Safety include:

Who needs Workplace Ergonomics?

Workplaces that employ processes or systems of work that contribute to WRULDs (Work Related Upper Limb Disorders); RSI (Repetitive Strain Disorders), awkward postures, forceful exertions, repetitive motions or duration of exposure should consider workplace ergonomic assessments.

Additionally, any professionals who wish to significantly improve the ergonomic setup and functionalities in their organisation for improved productivity and performance.

Why choose LCE Workplace Safety?

LCE are an accredited All-Star Thought Leader in Ergonomics and can provide a complete suite of ergonomic solutions. We can advise on the best ergonomic practices and controls to ensure compliance from both a legal and moral perspective.

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